Friday, February 11, 2011

The Family Matriarch

The Cutler family has lost the family matriarch. She was a great woman with many years of history and experience. I was the glad and ready listener to many stories of my family in the past and how the old ways of Quakers influenced her all her life.

Grandma and her family were Quakers by birth, and she was a practicing Quaker. She was part of the historical "society" for the Quakers as well, serving her community with history writings and speeches. She has written several books worth of history, both of family and of Quaker life, which will be the benefit of many for years to come. 

Here is a photo of her Father in 1942, about 4 years after Grandma Vera was married to my Grandfather Lawrence Cutler.

                                                  Jahu Hadley 1942

Well i'll post more as time progresses... maybe more about grandma and family, but nevertheless more of something as it comes to me. That's what a blog is, right? : )

The family is well, the loss was expected, and Grandma lived a long life, well lived. She was 94. The Lord gave her more than just her 3 score and 10, and even 4 score! (Psalm 90:10)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grandma Vera

Here is a link to my Grandma's Obituary...

Vera Cutler Obituary

We are headed to her funeral right now

I'll post again soon!



Friday, February 4, 2011

Little Brother Berean!

Here are a few pictures of my little, 3.5 month old, brother Berean (like the noble Bereans in the Bible that studied diligently to see whether or not what Paul said was truth!)

He was sitting with us at the breakfast table chewing/sucking on his burp rag

: )

Friday, January 28, 2011

Events in my life..

Ok, well i thought it would be nice to let you all in on some things that have been happening recently.

#1: I have applied to a Community College close to home, been excepted, taken an assessment, met with a counselor, chosen a degree path, and scheduled my first semester of classes!!

      #1a: So i'm going for an Associates of Arts in Computer Science, so that i can transfer in the future if i want, and get a Bachelors, OR, i can just go into my field with the AA.

      #1b: I passed out of Reading in my assessment, as well as Pre-Algebra and Beginner Algebra (Algebra 1)

#2: I am employed at Rural King in Wentzville, Missouri as a retail associate, and am planning on continuing there until I am laid off, or until another job that is better knocks on my door, or until i finish college : )

#3: We are selling Pilgrims' Acres LLC to some "friends" who want to get into sustainable agriculture, so i will be free from the distraction of managing and maintaining that so that i can focus on school, work, and other pursuits ; )

Can't think of more at the moment... i'll post as they come to me!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

One Man Quartet Singing

Ok! Now that you have seen this guy sing in his video, i can do the same thing, but i don't have video recordings.

Here is one that i have done most recently that is not a Hymn:

Then here is a hymn that i did a while back, that has now become my favorite!

That's all for now!!