Friday, January 28, 2011

Events in my life..

Ok, well i thought it would be nice to let you all in on some things that have been happening recently.

#1: I have applied to a Community College close to home, been excepted, taken an assessment, met with a counselor, chosen a degree path, and scheduled my first semester of classes!!

      #1a: So i'm going for an Associates of Arts in Computer Science, so that i can transfer in the future if i want, and get a Bachelors, OR, i can just go into my field with the AA.

      #1b: I passed out of Reading in my assessment, as well as Pre-Algebra and Beginner Algebra (Algebra 1)

#2: I am employed at Rural King in Wentzville, Missouri as a retail associate, and am planning on continuing there until I am laid off, or until another job that is better knocks on my door, or until i finish college : )

#3: We are selling Pilgrims' Acres LLC to some "friends" who want to get into sustainable agriculture, so i will be free from the distraction of managing and maintaining that so that i can focus on school, work, and other pursuits ; )

Can't think of more at the moment... i'll post as they come to me!!

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